Many today have abandoned hope.  And those who cling to it laugh at the idea of a hope based on reason and truth.  But isn't truth the only sound basis for hope?

Lost hope often leads to frantically seeking pleasure.  We desire a crumb of satisfaction in the face of hopelessness.  But God made us for eternity and our souls can never shake that basic instinct.  So we end up desperately restless without God, but doggedly determined to reject Him.

How can we be happy?  It can only come from an untainted relationship with our maker.  But God does not tolerate sin.  Only Christianity addresses this problem.  Jesus Christ solved the greatest mystery in the cosmos - through His atonement, God remains righteous and now welcomes repenting sinners.  We can escape!  We need only stop running, turn back to God, and accept His provision.

Through Christ, God offers a real hope that is personal, present, and real.  It is an eternity of flawless living in the presence of an infinitely interesting being.  It is happiness and fulfillment, no matter what our circumstances, simply because our hearts find their rest in God.

Don't let the culture steal your hope.  Don't let its lies drown the precious gift of individual choice, based on a reasonable mind.  Come and let us show you a reason to live! Explore the message we have been trusted to proclaim.  There is hope, it is reasonable, and it can belong to you.  Isn't that worth a try?