• Gordon Reed

    Gordon Reed was born in Bristol, Tennessee.  He earned his Master of Divinity from Columbia Seminary.  Ordained in 1956, he has pastored through the Southeast.  His writing and preaching is thoroughly Biblical, warmly reformed, keenly insightful and always helpful.  He currently serves across South Carolina as conference speaker and pulpit supply.

  • John Reed

    John Reed was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He earned a PhD in geology from the University of South Carolina in 1991 and worked for over 20 years in industry and academia.  He is on the board of the Creation Research Society and is the geology editor for the Creation Research Society Quarterly.  He has written or edited eleven books and numerous articles.  He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where he continues his writing.

  • Doug McNutt

    Doug McNutt was raised in the PCA and after coming to Christ dedicated his life to ministry. Since then he has worked in Utah planting a church, and now works as a missionary in East Africa teaching seminary courses and preaching the gospel. He is married to Kelly and together they have 5 children Moses, Makenna, Miriam, Genevieve and Judah. He is passionate about evangelism and seeing the church in developing nations grow in a healthy fashion for the glory of Christ.