Gordon's Books

  • Westminster Daily Devotional


    This daily devotional provides a pastor’s perspective on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, with the systematic teaching of that great document interwoven with practical lessons from decades of Christian ministry. 

    Gordon Reed "is a master teacher, faithful preacher and spiritual father to thousands. Having read and used his superb material on the Shorter Catechism for years, I enthusiastically commend The Westminster Daily Devotional." Ligon Duncan, Chancellor, Reformed Theological Seminary

  • Living Life by God's Law

    A Study in the Ten Commandments


    I know of no subject more pertinent to the need in America today than that herein treated. As Gordon Reed says, "Across our beloved land ... there is sweeping a dreadful malady that threatens to destroy the foundation ... lawlessness." How does one counter lawlessness? The Gospel of Jesus Christ counters lawlessness as the law is inscribed afresh in those hearts that are quickened by God's spirit. 

    But the law prepares the way for the Gospel. And then the Gospel sends us back to the law as God's standard. If the believer is to live a holy life, if he is to bear fruit, he must understand and obey these commandments.

    --from the Preface by Frank M. Barker, Jr., Pastor Emeritus, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

  • The Ministry: Career or Calling?


    Is Christian ministry just another white-collar profession, or is it a unique calling from God? This modern parable illustrates the modern errors of the “professional” approach.

  • Christmas - Triumph Over Tragedy

    This book is a celebration of the world's most famous holiday. Not a celebration of gifts and feasting, but a celebration of the real event, whihc was a triumph of God's grace over the tragedy of sin and its consequences. It is a celebration of salvation from a dark world intl a kingdom of light and peace.

  • Reflections on The Seven Last Words of Christ

    A collection of seven devotions for consideration and preparation for Easter.

    Dr. Gordon Reed is not only one of the most respected preachers in the pulpit today, he is one of the most prolific writers. His writing, like his preaching, is thoroughly Biblical, warmly Reformed, keenly insightful, always helpful, and perfectly timed. May many know the reality of the resurrected Christ as they read this new work from my friend. Michael A. Milton, Provost and James Ragsdale Chair of Missions and Evangelism at Erskine Theological Seminary and President of the D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership.

  • The Sermon on the Mount

    Living Life as Christ Taught It


  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray


    The Lord’s Prayer was given as a pattern and example for prayer to the disciples of Jesus, and through them to the Christian Church of all ages. It is the most often used prayer, and most frequently quoted passage from the Bible. If a believer will master this prayer and its meaning, he will know how to pray. This series of sermons is offered in the hope that it will provide practical help in the understanding and proper use of the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Killing Jesus of Nazareth

    O'Reilly seems determined to let us know that he does not trust the trustworthiness of the Bible. It is sad to see that a conservative (politically) has swallowed the liberal view of Scripture hook, line and sinker. At the same time he seems to dismiss those who do take the Scriptures seriously as being out of touch with reality. I only wish he would read some of the scholarly works defending the reliability of the documents and their contents. I know he wants to be considered politically correct, which also seems a contradiction of his basic world view. It will be absolutely impossible to write an accurate account of the killing of Jesus from either a politically correct position or even from an attempt to be neutral. This is a clear cut case of evil versus good, of right versus wrong. It requires the ability to recognize right from the wrong and to state the case clearly, no matter who may be offended. One does not need to go out of the way to assess blame and guilt; they are an integral part of the story. But the attempt to avoid such assessment is undermining the credibility of the author, as well as presenting falsehood as being as acceptable as the truth.

  • Simon Peter - The Second Epistle

    A Letter From Death Row

    Now the execution has taken place. Peter and many other great and godly leaders are gone, and the Church is scattered. Somehow this letter was smuggled out of prison before Peter was taken to his cross to die. In secret, copies were made and circulated. You are a frightened believer in hiding and wondering about all that has happened and why. You have just been given a copy of the great Simon Peter's last will and testimony. This little scroll is the only thing standing between you and utter despair. You will treasure every line, every word. You will pray for understanding because you know the Holy Spirit has spoken through this apostle of Christ. You find a secret place and begin to read, even as unbidden tears pour down your face, almost blinding you.

  • The Gospel of the 40 Days

    From the Resurection to the Ascension

    When the Lord was resurrected from the dead, a corner in time was turned, and nothing would ever be the same again on planet earth. Just as sin had once fundamentally altered both the creation and the human race, so another fundamental alteration took place at the resurrection of our Lord. After the Lord came back from the dead and presented Himself alive to His disciples, He spent forty days interpreting to them by word the meaning of this mighty act of God. As you look back over the Bible, you discover this is the usual pattern of revelation. God acts in a mighty way, and then by His spoken words to and through His chosen messengers, He gives light and understanding concerning His great work.

  • Christmas Letters, Lessons, and Carols

    Inspired by the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols service from the King's College Chapel in Cambridge, England, Dr Reed writes ten letters from his heart to the he calls beloved.  The ten carols and lessons that follow present a fresh look at the story of the birth of Jesus and what we can look forward to eternally.

  • Plain Talk on Christian Doctrine