John's Books

  • Rock Solid Answers

    Responses to Popular Objections to Biblical Geology

    Modern geology poses difficult questions for biblical history.  Christian earth scientists come together to answer those questions, and to demonstrate that biblical history can hold its own with secular critics and can confound them in return.

  • The Geologic Column

    Perspectives Within Diluvial Geology

    How does modern creationism deal with the geological column? At present, in a variety of ways. This book presents different points of view and summarizes the questions that must be answered by creationist geologists.

  • Crucial Questions About Creation

    Laymen interested in origins issues will find a refreshing theological examination of creation, with an emphasis on knowing why God created the cosmos.

  • Natural History in the Christian Worldview

    Foundation and Framework

    Interpretations about natural history rest on worldviews. Any Christian thinker can discern truth from falsehood in this area by comparing those worldviews.

  • Plate Tectonics: A Different View

    Technical critique of the dominant paradigm of modern geology from a biblical perspective.

  • The North American Midcontinent Rift System

    An Interpretation Within the Biblical Worldview

    Technical description and interpretation of one of the largest geological features in North America.

  • Plain Talk about Genesis

    Using the Presbyterian Church in America as an example, Dr. Reed explains for Christian laymen the origins debate and what is at stake in those discussions.

  • Assessment of Review of Flood Models

  • How Noah's Flood Shaped Our Earth

    This book will give you a new appreciation for the power and impact of Noah’s Flood—a pivotal event in the history of our planet. It was the biblical Flood, not millions of years, that deposited thousands of meters of folded, bent, and twisted rock strata all over the earth, and the billions of fossils contained therein.

    Researchers Oard and Reed have done a marvelous job compiling geological evidence for the Flood, as well as providing an easily-understood interpretation of the dynamic processes that occurred before, during, and after the Flood, which radically altered the planet.

    The Scriptures and your faith will come alive as you see the evidence for Noah’s Flood throughout the earth.

  • Rocks Aren't Clocks

    Does the geological column prove that the earth is billions of years old? Is the geological column even a reality? These are questions that are too often assumed as the rock layers are presented as if they self-evidently prove the vast ages that evolutionism requires.

    Geologist John Reed unravels the geological column in a style that is accessible to laypeople and specialists alike, revealing the philosophical assumptions that are critical to questions about the time scale. This long-overdue, thorough critique of the secular view of prehistory is up-to-date with the latest changes in thinking, and the most recent attempts to overcome its philosophical shortcomings.